Getting Started

We work with our clients in a highly comprehensive and personalized way. One of our main goals at MG Wealth Strategies is to make sure that our clients clearly comprehend how their investments work and how the proposed strategies will aid in pursuing growth or preservation of their wealth.

A highly personalized approach is key to develop customized strategies.

Investing for Wealth Expansion and Protection

Many people want a portfolio of investments that will grow steadily over the long term and that seeks protection against volatility and downside risk in order to pursue their financial goals like retirement, college planning for children or grandchildren, or simply to grow their money.

Some of the products and services we use include; Mutual Funds, ETF’s, Brokerage Accounts, stocks, bonds, 529 plans, Traditional IRA’s ROTH IRA’s, REITS, BDC’s, Annuities, Cash accumulation life insurance plans, only to name a few.

Tax Friendly Investing Strategies

Tax efficient investing is an important factor in most investment plans by electing specific investment vehicles we can help our money grow tax-deferred until retirement in many cases.  

This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax advisor.

401(k) & IRA Accounts

Did you change jobs and leave a 401k behind? Are you planning on retiring soon? We can help you come up with a plan or decide what steps to take. Maybe you have an Traditional IRA or ROTH IRA account somewhere and you’re not receiving the attention or guidance you were expecting; we can help.

Retirement Income Strategies

Our research shows that one of the things that worries people the most is outliving their retirement money, people are living more than ever before and this is a real concern. There are strategies that we can implement to plan for lifetime income using instruments like Annuities. For example. Do you know what your best age to start receiving your social security benefits is? We can help.

No strategy assures success or pretocts againts loss.

Insuring for Wealth Protection

Without adequate financial protection against life’s unforeseen events you and your family’s wealth can be exposed to risking the assets that you have worked for so many years to build. Financial instruments like Life Insurance and Long-Term Care that seek to protect a family’s lifestyle in case of such unforeseen events. You can also protect your invested assets against market downturns using certain insurance products.